Hearing and Decision

Notice of Hearing

At least 14 days before the date fixed for an appeal hearing, the Secretariat will send to the appellant and to OSCR a Notice of Hearing. This will give the date, time and place of the hearing, who the Tribunal members will be and will provide information on what will happen at a hearing.

The Tribunal may alter the date of the hearing but, except in exceptional circumstances, would give at least 14 days notice of this to the parties.

Attending the Hearing

The Notice of Hearing will also give the appellant and OSCR a date by which they must tell the Secretariat whether or not they will attend or be represented at the hearing.

If either party is not going to attend the hearing nor be represented, the Secretariat will let them know a date by which they can send written statements to be considered at the hearing.

If both parties say they will not attend nor be represented, the Tribunal will decide the appeal after the date for receipt of written statements.

More Information

At any stage of the process the Tribunal may direct either party to provide further information or to do anything else to assist the Tribunal in reaching its decision. Either party can ask the Tribunal to make a direction of this sort. Such a request must be made to the Secretariat in writing and giving full reasons for the request at least 7 days before the date on which the hearing is to take place.

First-tier Tribunal’s Decisions

The Tribunal will give its decision on the appeal at the end of the hearing or within 21 days of it. The decision will be published online in the Register of Appeals page.