When can you appeal?


Before you appeal, you must have already challenged the local authority (council) that issued the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for either a parking offence or a bus lane offence.

If the council has rejected your challenge, they will issue you with a Notice of Rejection. You can then appeal that rejection to this tribunal. Your Notice of Rejection will provide details on how to do this.

This tribunal can only consider an appeal against a Notice of Rejection. 

Not all Scottish councils issue PCNs.

The three councils that issue PCNs for Bus Lane infringements are: 

  • Aberdeen City Council
  • Edinburgh City Council
  • Glasgow City Council

There are 21 Councils that issue PCNs for parking offences. These councils are:

  • Aberdeen City Council
  • Angus Council
  • Argyll and Bute Council
  • City of Edinburgh
  • Dundee City Council
  • East Ayrshire Council
  • East Dunbartonshire Council
  • East Lothian Council
  • East Renfrewshire
  • Falkirk Council
  • Fife Council
  • Glasgow City Council
  • Highland Council
  • Inverclyde Council
  • Midlothian Council
  • North Lanarkshire Council
  • Perth and Kinross Council
  • Renfrewshire Council
  • South Ayrshire Council 
  • South Lanarkshire
  • Stirling Council

If your council is not on these lists, you cannot make an appeal to this tribunal. 

Contact your local council for further details on other parking ticket types and how to challenge them, or visit mygov.scot for more information. 


Grounds for an appeal 


An appeal to the tribunal must be based on legal grounds described in schedule 6 section 2 of the Road Traffic Act 1991.

These grounds might include that:

  • you did not own the vehicle when it got the ticket
  • it did not happen, for example, your parking time had not run out
  • the vehicle was stolen or taken without your permission
  • the signs or road markings were not correct
  • the penalty was more than it should have been
  • your car was towed away incorrectly and you want a refund on the recovery fee
  • you're a car hire firm, the vehicle was hired out at the time and the driver signed a 'liability agreement' for any penalty charge notice
  • the council did not follow the procedure set out in the Local Authorities' Traffic Orders (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 1999




You have 28 days from receiving your Notice of Rejection to make your appeal. If it is later than this, you will have to give a reason and it may not be accepted.